Company headquarters

Company headquarters


La ville de Nice dans le sud de la France

La ville de Nice dans le sud de la France.

The offices of the parent company RESIMARMO® are located in Italy. It manages all the countries of the European community. Networks of resellers, applicators, communication events and the various subsidiaries of the group. In each country, managers are appointed to more closely manage the different client projects according to their needs. For a better management of the business we ask our kind customer to communicate with us by e-mail. This allows a better follow-up of each project without fear of being forgotten. You can contact us via contact forms or by e-mail at the following address:


Or exceptionally by telephone

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The head office



Viale Cassiodoro, 3

20145 MILANO (MI)

P.I / C.F: 05696120962

R.E.A: MI-1841120

Administrative headquarters

Via dell’artigianato, 5

23875 OSNAGO (LC)

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Offices in France

27 Rue Saint Philippe

“Palais de Madrid”

06000 NICE

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