RESIMARMO® Coating and Applicators

The hands are what they have most precious. With their hands they apply the coating RESIMARMO®, and do wonders of decorations. Always inspiring and creative, applicators are our “spearhead” in the diffusion of RESIMARMO®. We rely heavily on their know-how because they implement our coating, a real marble carpet.

Applicators group Italia

Applicators group Italia.

These are all “bosses”! It is our desire to work with SMEs and sometimes even VSMEs, each must feel free in his own structure. We believe that everyone should feel happy to work for their own account. We will provide the construction sites, you will bring us your know-how. Regular activity but without overloading you will not be worried about your future. You can, if you wish, evolve into a Reseller status. But it is you who will have to be a plaintiff, never any pressure is put on our friends the Applicators.

Challenges are put in place regularly and make it possible to federate the ardor of all. Prices are at stake depending on the results obtained. The galvanization of each member achieves the objectives set quarterly. They also serve to strengthen the ties between each member of the team. The good coordination of the members makes the success not only of the objectives but also the improvement of the living conditions together. Each one blossoms fully in this calm and serene atmosphere.

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