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E-commerce and big-data are you ready.


Where are we


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Where are we ? After presenting ourselves, we have to tell you where we are in Italy and then in France, we sell our products through exhibitions, fairs and other regional or national events and exclusively on the Web. You still need to know a few things about us.

For example, we are native of Milan with regard to the company’s headquarters for the activities of:

  • The Administration,
  • Accountability,
  • Commercial management,
  • Telephony,
  • RESIMARMO® retailers, (Retailers and Applicators),

And we are on the outskirts of Milan, for our activities:

  • Techniques,
  • Transport,
  • Preparation of commands,
  • Receipt of goods,
  • Storage etc …

From the beginning, we decided that e-commerce, did not need stores or showcases.
We preferred to invest in quality products at a reasonable price, rather than having stores or it was difficult to know if you, our customers, were going to move to pick up the merchandise in our warehouses. It is that we sell a large distribution product similar to the food, in its electronic distribution. With us, the price is light, but the delivery is much heavier than 100 Kg.
Our products can not be seen until everything is done and finished, the quality and beauty of RESIMARMO® can only be realized at the end of the project.
The choice was not simple and the decision difficult to make. We often talk about this famous night of August 3, 2007, where we said we would not go home until this decision was made once and for all. It must be said that having stores requires significant investments and it was no longer a question of retreating without losing more than 60% of the money of our initial investment. Our sponsors and our families, for half of what we had, had confidence and we could not risk a penny of their euro without being completely sure of us. Hence the long night of discussion or we had to decide what was the best solution for us. In the end we all came back to our respective homes late, but the decision had been made. We were going to become an e-commerce! It was a Friday night, but when we came back, we were on Saturday. I think everyone had a good weekend, to finally know what was going to take shape on our way.

The reseller and applicator network is a service in which we have great hopes. Some of our partners have sometimes betrayed the trust we placed in them. But in spite of everything, we continue to find more and more retailers who have agreed to sign new cooperation agreements that more precisely define the role of each in the RESIMARMO® project.


Extensive network of resellers and applicators

Growing in Italy, France

And throughout the European community !







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