Coating terrace pool

Coating terrace pool.




RESIPROTEC is steady, transparent, he has high mechanical performances similar to a compound hardening to the humidity. The resin of polyuréthane aliphatique allows an excellent resistance the UV. It is a product of strong, supple coatings, that resists the abrasion well and to wear. He/it doesn’t fear the chemicals, the solutions diluted of acids and bases, of chlorinated water, of salt, fuel and lubricants of all sorts. He/it creates an excellent protection of surface of soils submitted to an intense wear. RESIPROTEC doesn’t whiten under the inclemencies, he doesn’t change a very color when he is exposed to the UV rays, he is therefore perfectly advisable for the outside applications. For the application he/it is recommended to have a good environment of ventilation.




Can be applied by roller, brush or airless. Although not mandatory, it is recommended to use the full contents of each pot. If this is not the case, make sure it is completely watertight after use (risk of solidification). It is possible to adjust the viscosity with RESIGLIDE. Never dilute with solvents reactive with polyurethane (eg universal solvent or with alcohols).


  • Aires of parking to intense traffic, garages, parking of cars.
  • Excellent for the waterproofing.
  • Restoration of old domes of fiberglass, flat roofs, polycarbonate, other composite materials, etc.
  • Floors of concrete and polymeric.
  • Tightness and protection of the metallic structures, floor-coverings printed matter, micro cements, leveling maltine, mosaics, mineral gravel.
  • Produced of supple slip to quartz, the corindon, of rubber, of the dust, etc.


  • A product to unique component, easy to use.
  • No possible mistakes therefore not of lost time.
  • Stability of the colors in the time under the UV.
  • Excellent resistance to the abrasion and to wear.
  • Fast hardening and protection of the paintings.
  • Good capacity of etandage.

Available colors

Transparent (the version no brilliant is available while using the » Matting Additive » (to see technical card above).

Technical certifications obtained

  • ETA : European Technical Assessment document Nº 06/0263 – CE marking : 10 and 25 years.
  • Flat roof external fire exposure Nº 06/32301345
  • Roof 45º fire resistance Nº 08/32309237
  • Root perforation no RESIMPER Nº 07/32305556 with RESIMPER Nº 07/32305557
  • Abrasion Taber Nº 10/101.729-1626
  • QUALICONSULT : Notebook of Technical Terms CCT nº 50 712 004 096 MS
  • BBA : British Board of Agreement 11/4836
  • IETcc report 19.221-II (2007) on thermal resistance.


RESIMARMO Technical Certifications




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