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RESIFIX resins, like many resins, is a single component binder of polyurethane, elastomer liquid, aliphatic, hardening with moisture, solvent, realizable with cold. The compound « well dosed » with natural marble aggregate, produces a paste that allows the realization of coatings for internal and external floors. There is no unsightly joint, the surface is soft, non-slip and allows excellent draining. The different marble tints used offer the possibility of obtaining multiple color effects, geometric patterns, strips or color changes in the same surface.


The resins - Resin pot RESIFIX

Resin pot RESIFIX.


The substrate must have the following mechanical properties:
-Chésion: Minimum 1.5 MPa.
-Resistance to compression: 25 MPa minimum.
The surface must be free of residual moisture or moisture rise.
The substrate must be clean, dry and free from loose and brittle parts, the moisture content must be less than 4%, no trace of oil, grease, wax, release agents and cement mildew, or Any other thing that could compromise good adhesion of the compound.
The temperature of the substrate must be between 10ºC and 25ºC.
If you suspect residual moisture on the substrate or moisture rise, you should use a specific pretreatment for moist surfaces.
For freshly poured concrete slabs or a new one, you will need to wait at least 21 days before applying the RESIMARMO product.


RESIMPER is a single-component, ready-to-use, cold-applied product. It is presented in liquid form, but in the hardened state it creates as a continuous roadway membrane, without seams and overlaps and does not fear moisture). Elastic and « breathable », the coated surfaces are able to follow the movements of the support. Non-slip, resistant to abrasion and impact, weather and chemicals and extreme temperatures, it adheres well to the underlying support, even at different geometries or difficult to access, does not usually need to Dilution (maximum permissible RESIGLIDE thinner 10%).
Applied with a roller, brush or airless, it allows a grip with specific grip. It is recommended for critical areas such as corners, edges, dormers, chimneys, overlaps and old « macrocavillature » bituminous sheaths, combined with polyurethane sealant.
WARNING MOISTURE MAX 4%! Do not apply to moist surfaces (dew point traps).


Applicable to: old bituminous sheaths or bituminous slates, old acrylic coatings, slates, concretes, mortars, bricks, fibro-cement sandstones, wood shingles, ceramics, oxidized bitumen, wood, steels, zinc, aluminum, glass fibers Composites, etc …


  • Balconies, terraces, roofs, insulated roofs or metallic panel, etc.
  • Bathroom (inside showers), kitchens and places hard to access from the inside.
  • Flat or sloping roofs, car parks, technical rooms.
  • Platforms, grandstands, stadiums, stadiums.
  • Water channels and deposits.


RESIPRIMER is part of the resins, it is an epoxy component bi promoter of adhesion in an aqueous dispersion. It is used as a floor preparation for the RESIMARMO line based on polyurethane resins. RESIPRIMER is the ideal primer for all applications with small problems of light moisture on the surface or to repel very slight moisture rise (max 4%). Moreover it is simple and safe to apply.


  • Primer for epoxy and polyurethane resins systems.
  • As a layer of adhesive between new and old concrete floors (construction joints).
  • Primer in case of slight rise of humidity.
  • Adhesion primer for sheet, zinc and alloys.
  • Protective finish for concrete floors.


  • Easy and safe application (water-based).
  • Ability to accelerate catalysis at temperatures close to 0 ° with a special additive.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Little odor.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Good resistance to abrasion.


RESIPROTEC is stable transparent, it has a high performance similar to a moisture curing component. The quality of aliphatic polyurethane resins provides high UV resistance. They are solid and flexible coatings with high resistance to abrasion and wear, chemicals, dilute solutions of acids and bases, chlorinated water, salt, fuel and lubricants. all kinds. Creates excellent surface protection for floors subject to intense wear. These resins products do not undergo whitening due to the weather, they do not change color when exposed to UV rays, so they are recommended for outdoor applications. They are available for all pigmented colors but will only land on site, at the time of use. For the application it is recommended to have a good ventilation environment.pigmented RAL colors but only on site, at the time of use. For the application it is recommended to have a good ventilation environment.


  • Garage and parking areas with heavy traffic, car parking lot.
  • Excellent for waterproofing with polyurethane polyurea.
  • Restoration of old fiberglass domes, flat roofs, polycarbonate, other composite materials, etc.
  • Concrete and polymer floors.
  • Waterproofing and protection of metal structures, printed floor coverings, micro cements, leveling maltine, mosaics, mineral gravel.
  • Flexible quartz slip products, corundum, rubber, dust, etc.


  • A single component product, extremely easy to use.
  • No errors and lost time.
  • Total color stability under the sun and UV rays.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.
  • Rapid hardening and protection of possible paints.
  • Good coverage capacity.


  • Transparent (the matt version is available using Matting Additive – see data sheet).
  • RAL, always pigmented and only immediately before application.


RESITEX is a TNT thermally bonded geotextile fabric, based on polyester / polyamide synthetic fibers, with high modulus of elasticity and tensile strength.


It has been developed to be applied in situ by the interposition of fresh over and between the different layers of RESIMPER resin, in order to obtain a thickness as homogeneous as possible and consequently an optimal distribution of the product in Limiting the effect of leaks.


It is recommended for final abrasion protection and a homogeneous distribution of the empty weight of the resins coated support RESIMPER membranes of highly elastic polyurethane. Ideal in situations that require additional armor protection, or protection and optimum thickness distribution, with minimal loss of mechanical properties.
Product compatible with solvents and strong absorption.
Flexible and adaptable to uneven surfaces, edges and angles, critical points of lifting and overlaps of old bituminous membranes, Ideal for assembling junction points between interdependent media or different type or material, cracks and macro- Cracks, joints and cuts, etc.
High elasticity, in order to maintain as much as possible the mechanical properties of the membranes, which increases its resistance to perforation and perforation due to plant roots.
Inside and outside edges, front reinforcement, backbones and other singular points or as a « weed control » system prior to installation of the RESIMARMO system.

RESITEX 200 membrane protection RESIMPER for: concrete tiles, wood, wood panels, composite materials, cement boards, floating floors, etc.

Technical certifications obtained

  • ETA : European Technical Assessment document Nº 06/0263 – CE marking : 10 and 25 years.
  • Flat roof external fire exposure Nº 06/32301345
  • Roof 45º fire resistance Nº 08/32309237
  • Root perforation no RESIMPER Nº 07/32305556 with RESIMPER Nº 07/32305557
  • Abrasion Taber Nº 10/101.729-1626
  • QUALICONSULT : Notebook of Technical Terms CCT nº 50 712 004 096 MS
  • BBA : British Board of Agreement 11/4836
  • IETcc report 19.221-II (2007) on thermal resistance.


The resins - RESIMARMO Technical Certifications




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