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A quotation ? Why would you do that ? Because you are looking for a comfortable floor covering for your feet, very chic for your friends, unique because you will have imagined it yourself, but not too expensive not to ruin yourself, don’t look any more, you are in the right place !

You need a quick quotation, to get an idea, to calculate the budget needed to build your terrace, swimming pool beaches or any other flooring project.

RESIMARMO allows you to realize your dream and above all to calculate very quickly the approximate amount of your work. The form below is at your disposal to calculate your quotation. The result obtained will need to be refined a little bit to fit exactly to your project but overall you will have an idea in terms of economy of scale that will be close to reality. At the end of this form you will have the choice to receive or not the visit of a RESIMARMO professional and to realize a clear and definitive quotation on which you will be able to base your decision.


Creation of terraces and relaxation areas



Some tips

Never make a hasty decision, take your time and see as many professionals in the specialty as you can.

Especially beware of « commercials »!

There are good ones, but there are unfortunately bad ones. Even if you accept the visit of a « surface technician » (which is no more or less than the skilful definition of a sweeper), a civil engineering technician (which sounds more serious but still offers no guarantee), a commercial technician (the word « technico » is there to lower your level of vigilance with regard to the next word « commercial ») or any other name.

Remember that the person who will be there at home will be there to sell you something. And believe me, he’s counting on it ! Don’t imagine that you mean anything to them, you are no more and no less than the essential element for them to get a salary at the end of the month. So negotiate, negotiate hard, they’re there for that, and I would say they expect that. Don’t have any complex. But above all, don’t sign anything on that day, always allow yourself a moment of reflection. It’s up to you to decide the day you order, not them !

You will tell me that there is no shame in working for money, and you will be right, after all, all work deserves pay, but there is work and « work ».

As there is a difference between honesty and dishonesty many salesmen are more of the « Attila » of sales (a warlord Hun: the grass did not grow back behind his passage) than scrupulous salesmen.


Attila the Hun - Blood Conqueror

Attila the Hun – Blood Conqueror.


Which is too bad ! Because good salesmen, those who do a real job of discovering the project by talking to you. Those who take the time to advise you and learn the latest techniques. Those who feel responsible for a problem and will bring you the solution, often very simple, that you didn’t think about. Those who, faced with the lack of knowledge of the products that buyers have of the market, will always try to make you touch with your finger what you did not plan or knew. Those who will honestly explain to you why the solution they propose is the most suitable.


A commercial conversation in confidence and serenity

A commercial conversation in confidence and serenity.


These sellers there are put in the same bag as the « others » and this is profoundly unfair. We, company managers, who spend a lot of time recruiting, training, looking for the « best profiles », individual interviews, monitoring and controlling our staff, spend a lot of time to ensure that you have in front of you a valid, honest person who will take into account your needs and meet your expectations. That’s how we earn the trust of our customers over the long term !



Please be kind ! RESIMARMO Europe is a peaceful and happy place.
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