Modern and design floors


Swimming pool decks with motives and videos


The videos below will show you how to apply RESIMARMO ? It’s very simple, you can do it yourself. On the one hand you will save money and on the other hand you will have outstanding terraces, garden paths, pool decks, etc… You will probably be the first in your neighborhood to have outdoor spaces of a modern and beautiful design.

Installation steps in videos



Installation in real time in videos

This video may seem long, but in reality, it shows step by step and in real time the different phases of RESIMARMO’s installation. We use these videos during our training sessions with the professionals we work with. That’s how important it is.
We also decided to put them on YouTube, because many of our « private » customers who want to install their RESIMARMO flooring themselves are happy to be able to refer to them when they have doubts. They are quickly reassured when they can see every step of a real professional installing the floor. It will seem simple to you and indeed it is simple. But take the time to watch the technique used by the installer in the video.

In reality there are only two phases of installation where you must be careful:
First, when you add the resin to the aggregates.
Secondly, when you compact the mixture you have just spread.
Watch the special care taken by the professional in the video to compact the mix. You absolutely must compact your mix in the same way. It’s not really that complicated, it just takes elbow grease.

We hope this video will help you make your project a success. If you have any questions you can ask them below, we will be happy to answer them.

In the meantime, we wish you success with your landscaping projects.