In a web gallery, thumbnail versions of images are linked to large format photos on the same page or on another page.
Pictures of beaches of swimming pool, terraces, playgrounds, ground patterns, beautiful colors adapted, feet always clean, here are some types of photos presented in this gallery of photos.

  • A little corner of paradise,
  • A bicoloured “chic” entrance,
  • A beautiful house entrance,
  • An original small entrance,
  • Nice playgrounds,
  • Sidewalks protecting the walls,
  • A small slope access to the large pool and beaches
  • A harmonization of colors,
  • Large outdoor terraces

This is the presentation of the use of RESIMARMO®. Creating a gallery of photos on its site is very easy but to achieve the objective set by the demonstration of the product in exhibition one must be delicate and pragmatic.

For two years now, in addition to its space in Milan (Italy), the gallery RESIMARMO® has established itself in Nice, in the Saint Philippe district, where it has already programmed the following exhibitions: Aggregates of marble (photographs by Erick Berneth) Resins (Photographs by Erick Berneth), Binders (Photographs by Ralph Bernet), Swimming Pools (Photographs by Ralph Bernet), Inside (Photographs by Mc Dirmott & Mc Grugh), Outside , Platinum (photographs by Erick Berneth), Terraces (photographs by Erick Berneth), Sociology of marble (Photographs by Erick de Noailles), Italian marbles (Photographs by Erick Berneth) The Marbles of France (Photographs by Kenzo Itzuka), Marble of the continent Asian (Photographs by Ralph Bernet), Contemporary Marbles (Photographs by Sayashi Sitakusa), The Philosophy of Marble Decor (Photograph Jean Deuxéglises), The African marbles (Photographs by Hamid Sardar-Afkhimar), Australian marbles (Photographs by Mc Dirmott & doll Mc Grugh), Religion and religion (Photos by Mitsumi Ayakathi), European marbles (Photographs by Albert Watson) Marble in Spain (Photographs by Karl Fontaine), Portugal and its marbles (photographs by Françis Festagline), The Alps (photographs by Carmen & dump). These exhibitions are addressed to the professionals of the decoration of the whole France. Apart from these exhibitions the premises are not open to the public. You can contact us at the following e-mail addresses:


Or by phone at the following number:





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