E-commerce logistics

E-commerce logistics.


Why create an online shop ? First, it is unnecessary to set up a goodwill, and therefore to pay the expenses incumbent on it. We also master the content of our site, we choose its visual aspect, we set prices, promotions, terms of sale … When our shop is under construction, on the Internet no need to close, we do our updates when good seems to us (preferably at night, when we have few visits)! And like any shop, the identity of our brand is fully affirmed, our logos, our visuals, our music, our videos … everything that identifies us in the « real life » can be retranscribed on the Web. Creation of catalog, virtual shopping cart, order tracking, inventory and price management, deliveries, secure payment, multilingual publication … We are free to do everything we please! We simply target your customers and provide them with the necessary information. We choose keywords, avoid too technical terms if they are not essential and take care of formatting. We always keep in mind that the user must find the essential information in a few seconds, otherwise he may leave our site and not come back.