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The RESIMARMO® characteristics consist of 95% marble aggregates mixed with a polymer binder (5% product). It guarantees not only decorative characteristics but also high drainage.

Product features make it easily adaptable to complex geometric situations and, by the simplicity of implementation, and the variety of colors available, you can carry out drawing, logos or patterns of all kinds, with like only limit your imagination. RESIMARMO® can create surfaces that meet the basic requirements. The following main features:



The high degree of drainage capacity is one of the strengths of RESIMARMO® and depends on the particular size of the aggregates. The rapid drying of the material is provided by the space between the aggregates for easy passage of water.




The materials used for making RESIMARMO® floors are of high quality. The marble stones are carefully selected and guarantee the strength of our works.




The characteristics of adherence of RESIMARMO® make it possible to reduce the falls or slips on wet surfaces. The loss of adherence due to water is completely cancelled with RESIFIX® making it the safest flooring


The RESIMARMO® surfaces, even when exposed to intense light, no jaundice. The aliphatic RESIFIX® component is able to stop and neutralize the action of UV rays.




RESIFIX® gives an impermeable soil protection to water for marble rollers. This special feature gives RESIMARMO® this extraordinary quality of stain resistance.




RESIMARMO® adapts to suits the tastes and needs of each customer client. With 12 basic colors permanently available RESIMARMO® allows the combination of color and create unique designs, ONLY for your home.


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Alley coating of marble white








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